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WE have paused loug enough : it is time that we resumed our
In the meanwhile, through doing nothing at all but lie in bed,
I had become front page news. One morning A - came in with
the papers, saying :
* They've got you in bigger type than the Russian offensive.
You may be offensive but you can't be as offensive as all that.5
He threw a bundle of papers and magazines on to the bed.
They all told the same story in screaming headlines. BEVERLEY
articles commented ponderously on my 'mission5; gossip para-
graphs abounded with hints as to my whereabouts ; there were
columns of impassioned correspondence, two cartoons and a
number of photographs.
Normally such publicity would be flattering; to-day, it was
embarrassing. My idea had been to go round India quietly, as an
independent investigator. And now the Hindu press was already
clamouring for answers to all sorts of highly controversial questions
which it would have been improper for me to attempt to answer.
'Even Stafford Cripps didn't get it much worse than you're
getting it/ said A - . 'Look at this.*
% This * was a large photograph of a young man lying in bed with
a bandaged foot* Underneath was a cunningly worded caption
suggesting that it was a portrait of myself. The title was *My
Foot/ The paper was one which had been clamouring for a
photograph for several days.
s What are you going to do about it ?' asked A - .
* Nothing/ *
kl think you'll change your mind after reading them/
I did. The campaign had assumed such proportions that some
sort of action had to be taken. It was no longer suggested, but
openly stated* that I was an agent of the British Government, that